Welcome Readers

Hello, I’m Shion Flame, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and that you stick around for future posts.  Come along with me on my journey in blogging!

The decision to create a blog has drifted in and out of my mind for over a year.  I was writing a lot.  Creative moments were piled into little boxes as scraps of paper towels, cardstock or printer paper; any kind of paper close enough for me to reach. Several sets of three-inch binders were settling with dust on a bookshelf.  A trunk of notebooks with a lock on it pulled at my attention in the storage shed.  For a very long time, I’ve ignored them.


My daughter and I were deceived and abandoned.  My four-year marriage and my sense of security were washed away.  I kept waiting for my husband to keep his promises.  He never came home.  In September of 2014, I’d learned he’d returned to Missouri and that I’d been divorced and didn’t even know it. Over the course of a year, I looked for a place to call home but every road seemed to be a dead end. Cliche statements apply when I say not everything was as it seemed.

Vultures were picking away at the dead parts of my life. Each death left me with an understanding of myself and those around me.  During the many transitions, I held tight to my writing.  It moved me through each struggle and propelled me to the next step.

The personal value of writing for me didn’t reveal itself until a friend in Florida sent my personal journals to me through the mail. Upon touching them, I was overcome with relief and joy.  At that moment, I realized I’d found the answer to my questions about personal passion. The discovery was the mode of expression relating to that passion: to learn, teach, inform, guide and do that in the ways that were most beautiful to me.

I’d already been teaching in nearly every sense of the word. I worked for school districts as an aide and substitute, volunteered as a tutor,  I was a traveling art teacher for an after school program in Texas and I participated in small groups and learning circles for the Pagan Community since 2004 both privately and publicly.

Collecting my thoughts on a dusty shelf serve no one.  You can expect to read about my experiences, perspectives and projects that are relevant to the spiritual seeker, student and the pagan community. Posts are published four times a month on Sundays.

Please, share your thoughts, opinions, and constructive criticism, even if you completely disagree. If you’d like to see a specific topic addressed, please email me at shionflameministry@gmail.com. My ears and eyes are wide open, catch me on witchvox.com or on Facebook at the Guiding Flame Community.  I look forward to your feedback!