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The Mundagical

Aaron and I stood outside last night and gazed for a while at the recent planetary alignment. He pointed, “which one is that?” “That one is Mars.” “It looks like a tri-force.” We laughed. “You’re a geek, but that alignment explains the intensity of things lately,” I said, as smacked my ankles. Mosquitos nipped viciously at me and I scampered up the steps complaining about them before jumping into the cool sheets for a nice, relaxing sleep. This morning, Aaron’s curiosity got the best of him. I woke up seeing him swiping his phone screen while reading an article on the alignment. It spurred a conversation about whether or not there are meaning in such things.

My partner is a particularly rational individual. I often get the “eye” when I say something unusual, “superstitious” or mention things that could very easily be interpreted as coincidence. A bird breaks its neck on the window, sure it could be because there is a house there that got in the bird’s way. That is the practical answer. From my own perspective, it may be an ill omen of a death in the family. Mercury slams into retrograde and I’m a little cautious about signing contracts and making sure the car has been serviced, I shift awareness to the way I am communicating and double check that my emails went through. These behaviors may seem silly to some -even obsessive or as I’ve been described -a bit quirky.

Human beings are off-kilter. Attuning to natural cycles such as moon phases or seasons assist people to tune-in to natural rhythms. When we are connected and in sync, even the most mundane things have a meaning. When we are off balance it is difficult to make the connection. I’d used similar wording to explain this morning. Aaron looked over at me and smiled. “So, basically, regular things are Mundagical.” Amused, I wrapped my arms around him, “Exactly.”

When someone hears me talk about signs or omens, they may immediately think, this person is very superstitious -what hogwash! Often, I find it quite pointless to explain. This time, I thought, how can I explain this in a way that the most rational person may say Yes, that makes some amount of logical sense -if not in an illogical way. I’d like to share a few things that may illustrate what I mean.

Three Playing Birds
In 2002, while riding my bicycle, I passed a home where three cardinals sat together in a yard. My attention felt drawn to them and I recall thinking, I’ve never seen three all together that way. Two blocks later, at a completely different house, I saw the three cardinals again. I slowed my bike to the side of the road and watched them for a moment. They hopped around one another and pecked the ground. There was not a “why” or a “weird” or a need to analyze, I simply observed them. A bead of sweat trickled down my temple and I remembered the hot sun above me. Pushing forward on my bike, I was eagerly riding to a cool glass of water beckoning me from home. As I approached home, I nearly stopped in the middle of the road. There, on the corner of the lot, three cardinals danced around one another in play. I rounded the corner to the porch and noticed a white car. My mother had a visitor, an old friend we had not seen in several years.
Long before I knew what augury was, this experience had entered my life. Several years later, I’d find myself reading a passage in a book long forgotten that briefly mentions the behaviors of birds as a kind of divination. I came across a passage about cardinals representing the visit of an old friend. -How curious, I thought, it was exactly what had happened to me. I filed the memory away but pondered the chances of discovering text that correlated to my very experience.


Bad Luck and Black Cats

Chat dans un jardin

We’ve all heard it before: If a black cat crosses your path, you’ll have bad luck. I’ve never found this one to have relevance in my life. In fact, it is almost the opposite. I dreamt three people stood straight and tall in a line -the way kindergarten teachers wish their children would stand after school recess. Behind them, approached a strange, skinny, sick looking, white, mangy cat with large yellow eyes. Though I stood facing the three individuals, they could not see me but the cat’s eyes did not waver. It approached them and began weaving around them. In and out, in and out, the cat moved steady, stopped and glared at me. Then it made another weaving loop in the opposite direction with its tail swishing back and forth as though it were aggravated.

Most conclusions I’ve drawn in retrospect. Several months after this dream, I was arranging a small gathering of witches. Several of us had not seen one another in some time. Other individuals were brand new and wanted to meet witches in the local area. What a terrible but necessary disaster ensued when the several individuals in the group began verbally assaulting the other in a most victorian manner. It was not done with yelling or screaming but with rude and quaint insinuations, leaving a severe disequilibrium in the circle and several people choosing to walk away.

After the circle disbanded and damage control was complete, I discovered the “white cat.” Two women thought to keep the original group together it would be appropriate to cast a binding spell. They cast this spell upon themselves and one other member. The goal was to keep them together. However, they did this spell without the other person being aware of it. The result was complete dissension among them.

So what does this have to do with a sick kitty? The three individuals lined up in the dream were the same witches who’d cast a spell on one another. The cat was the binding spell. I too was a part of that circle, only I was not included in the binding spell -hence the cat did not weave its loops around me. The state of the cat indicated the state of their relationships and in my opinion the energy related to the binding spell.
Now, it would take several more “magical cat” dreams and encounters before the idea of sick cats or deformed cats of pale or unusual colors correlated these experiences with actual events beginning to manifest. That is when it hit me. This is the way superstitions were born and sometimes lasted for generations.

I do not find myself merely superstitious. I find that the superstitions have meat when personal experience has rooted them in some way. Therefore, I am not merely saying that I believe that if I see “this” then it means “this.” To the contrary, I am stating, this experience has connected with this type of event over and over again and has come to have predictive relevance due to repetition. These same observed patterns may or may not reoccur in families. When they stop being experienced, they become the watered-down beliefs that many people call superstition. Seemingly simple or even pointless happenings become little ways to see the web of connection or pathways for communication that give me better insight into situations that present themselves in this most curious, beautiful life. Embrace the mundagical.

Before You Do Magic

With A Flick of my Finger

Magic is practical.  With time, it can be interwoven into your daily practices. Magic, is a frame of mind concerning things you already do; it is in the boiling teapot, movement of a paint brush, and the wind in the trees.  It is in all the things that speak to you deeply. Everyone can do magic, most do without a clue. So what do you need?  In order to do magic you must choose to be aware, to make time, to focus and develop your will power.

Initially, I feel there is confusion when a seeker first begins to approach the subject of magic.  A student can become easily overwhelmed with the many different types of magic alone; candle, knot, color, elemental, ribbons, herbs, stone, petition, ceremonial, and so many more. Magic is inherit in all things, but when we become conscious of it, access to that energy becomes easier. Symbols and the associations we have with various kinds of tools and items make profound psychological impacts.
When you get really good, magic is in the point of a finger and the glance of an eye. You know you’ve found the magic when there is meaning in all that you do and experience -even pouring a simple cup of tea.

My Own Preparations

Prior to magic, I wash my hands in a certain way.  A small bar of lavender soap is kept tucked away in a plastic container under the sink.  It is used only for this special ritual. If I wear clothing, it is loose and comfortable but not flowing enough to catch a flame. My hair is pulled back in a head-cloth.  Often, I choose my clothing according to how I feel.   Awareness is heightened as each conscious thought is focused on the work at hand.

The magical process has begun.  The smell of lavender, sound of the running water and hand gestures have told my mind that it is time for something special, it is time to pay attention.  I gather any items that I may need at this point.  Each object I pick up is a symbol I deeply know, one that will serve me as I set out to accomplish a goal.  I hold up a small bundle of herbs made of rosemary, basil and a sprig of sage.  The plants are my helpers, I am asking for their help in clearing this space for my work.  As the bundle smolders, a sweet, earthy scent fills the room.

I sit comfortably and take deep breaths. My tongue rests at the roof of my mouth behind my teeth.  I feel the cool air fill my lungs as I breathe in through my nostrils and its warmth as I exhale.  I am not concerned about a tap at the door, the ringing of my phone or the many tasks that await me when I’m finished. Distraction does not serve magic.

Settling a Distracted Mind

I am a verbal person.  When moments of frustration descend, when I am too perplexed to solve a problem, if my emotions are a bit tidal and yes, if I am too excited I may talk excessively.  The term I have used to describe this is ‘venting.’ Once, it caused me to imagine a literal vent embedded in my forehead.  The mind is like talkative child, constantly jabbering for attention to the point of preventing sleep.  I’m more than positive, I am not alone in that experience. The ‘vent’ became my outlet.  Instead of forcing out my thoughts, they flowed out from the vents I’d mentally placed in my body. If a thought tried to draw me in, I returned to the image of the vent.
As I practiced, I found that some techniques and visual images worked while others fizzled out with no affect at all.  This is a matter of trial and error.  To find what works, it takes time and effort.  Within a few minutes, I am calm and my mind becomes quiet.  In stillness I begin.

Self Empowerment

Self doubt doesn’t serve spiritual work. As I sit calmly, I grab on to my inner fire.  I remind myself of the small ah-ha moments, the first successful spells I worked, the time when a stag came to me on the outside of a circle, guidance I received from dreams that protected me, the tingling all over my body when working in a group ritual, an unusual animal visit that turned out to be far more than a coincidence.  Each of these moments remind me that the power lays deep in my spirit and it is always with me.

I think there are times we have to be reminded of those ‘wonder’ moments but what if you have trouble finding one?  Any moment that lifts your spirit and makes you feel great about yourself will work.  It could be the feeling you have when you dance or play your favorite sport, the first time you realized you enjoyed or were good at something.  It is the ‘happy thought’ that makes your spirit fly.


The term ‘working’ is what I use to denote casting a spell, conducting a ritual, consulting spiritual forces and more.  I toss a bit of salt into the four directions and invite my personal helpers to come and work with me.  Despite my tools or the kind of magic I have chosen to do, I form a clear picture in my mind of what I want the result to be.  I don’t worry about the “how” or concern myself with the details.  I see it as it has already manifested by using my imagination.  I connect to the image with my emotions and make connections to my other senses where I can.  I use my imagination and combine it with raising energy. There are many different ways to do this; singing, dancing, drumming, rocking, chanting and use of sexual energy between couples.  I allow this experience to ‘fill’ me and then I release it.

Other Ways

The ways to prepare and utilize magic are limitless, each person gradually finds his/her own techniques through devoted practice and patience.  Here, I have presented some of the ways that I prepare while showing that magic is definitely more than a simple wave of the wand.  Some of the points below review what I feel helps in preparation and development of magic.

  • Develop your focus and concentration.
  • Clear the mind and space of distractions.
  • Know your habits and develop some that serve you for the better.
  • Consider what you personally respond to.
  • Set clear intentions prior to working.
  • Try different kinds of techniques and different kinds of magic.
  • Keep a journal to remind you of the special moments.

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