Before You Do Magic

With A Flick of my Finger

Magic is practical.  With time, it can be interwoven into your daily practices. Magic, is a frame of mind concerning things you already do; it is in the boiling teapot, movement of a paint brush, and the wind in the trees.  It is in all the things that speak to you deeply. Everyone can do magic, most do without a clue. So what do you need?  In order to do magic you must choose to be aware, to make time, to focus and develop your will power.

Initially, I feel there is confusion when a seeker first begins to approach the subject of magic.  A student can become easily overwhelmed with the many different types of magic alone; candle, knot, color, elemental, ribbons, herbs, stone, petition, ceremonial, and so many more. Magic is inherit in all things, but when we become conscious of it, access to that energy becomes easier. Symbols and the associations we have with various kinds of tools and items make profound psychological impacts.
When you get really good, magic is in the point of a finger and the glance of an eye. You know you’ve found the magic when there is meaning in all that you do and experience -even pouring a simple cup of tea.

My Own Preparations

Prior to magic, I wash my hands in a certain way.  A small bar of lavender soap is kept tucked away in a plastic container under the sink.  It is used only for this special ritual. If I wear clothing, it is loose and comfortable but not flowing enough to catch a flame. My hair is pulled back in a head-cloth.  Often, I choose my clothing according to how I feel.   Awareness is heightened as each conscious thought is focused on the work at hand.

The magical process has begun.  The smell of lavender, sound of the running water and hand gestures have told my mind that it is time for something special, it is time to pay attention.  I gather any items that I may need at this point.  Each object I pick up is a symbol I deeply know, one that will serve me as I set out to accomplish a goal.  I hold up a small bundle of herbs made of rosemary, basil and a sprig of sage.  The plants are my helpers, I am asking for their help in clearing this space for my work.  As the bundle smolders, a sweet, earthy scent fills the room.

I sit comfortably and take deep breaths. My tongue rests at the roof of my mouth behind my teeth.  I feel the cool air fill my lungs as I breathe in through my nostrils and its warmth as I exhale.  I am not concerned about a tap at the door, the ringing of my phone or the many tasks that await me when I’m finished. Distraction does not serve magic.

Settling a Distracted Mind

I am a verbal person.  When moments of frustration descend, when I am too perplexed to solve a problem, if my emotions are a bit tidal and yes, if I am too excited I may talk excessively.  The term I have used to describe this is ‘venting.’ Once, it caused me to imagine a literal vent embedded in my forehead.  The mind is like talkative child, constantly jabbering for attention to the point of preventing sleep.  I’m more than positive, I am not alone in that experience. The ‘vent’ became my outlet.  Instead of forcing out my thoughts, they flowed out from the vents I’d mentally placed in my body. If a thought tried to draw me in, I returned to the image of the vent.
As I practiced, I found that some techniques and visual images worked while others fizzled out with no affect at all.  This is a matter of trial and error.  To find what works, it takes time and effort.  Within a few minutes, I am calm and my mind becomes quiet.  In stillness I begin.

Self Empowerment

Self doubt doesn’t serve spiritual work. As I sit calmly, I grab on to my inner fire.  I remind myself of the small ah-ha moments, the first successful spells I worked, the time when a stag came to me on the outside of a circle, guidance I received from dreams that protected me, the tingling all over my body when working in a group ritual, an unusual animal visit that turned out to be far more than a coincidence.  Each of these moments remind me that the power lays deep in my spirit and it is always with me.

I think there are times we have to be reminded of those ‘wonder’ moments but what if you have trouble finding one?  Any moment that lifts your spirit and makes you feel great about yourself will work.  It could be the feeling you have when you dance or play your favorite sport, the first time you realized you enjoyed or were good at something.  It is the ‘happy thought’ that makes your spirit fly.


The term ‘working’ is what I use to denote casting a spell, conducting a ritual, consulting spiritual forces and more.  I toss a bit of salt into the four directions and invite my personal helpers to come and work with me.  Despite my tools or the kind of magic I have chosen to do, I form a clear picture in my mind of what I want the result to be.  I don’t worry about the “how” or concern myself with the details.  I see it as it has already manifested by using my imagination.  I connect to the image with my emotions and make connections to my other senses where I can.  I use my imagination and combine it with raising energy. There are many different ways to do this; singing, dancing, drumming, rocking, chanting and use of sexual energy between couples.  I allow this experience to ‘fill’ me and then I release it.

Other Ways

The ways to prepare and utilize magic are limitless, each person gradually finds his/her own techniques through devoted practice and patience.  Here, I have presented some of the ways that I prepare while showing that magic is definitely more than a simple wave of the wand.  Some of the points below review what I feel helps in preparation and development of magic.

  • Develop your focus and concentration.
  • Clear the mind and space of distractions.
  • Know your habits and develop some that serve you for the better.
  • Consider what you personally respond to.
  • Set clear intentions prior to working.
  • Try different kinds of techniques and different kinds of magic.
  • Keep a journal to remind you of the special moments.

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