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Spell Crafting and Casting

Casting a spell is about focus, intent, and energy. While there is nothing wrong with borrowing a good spell, the ones that pack a punch are those that are written by the caster.  This article helps you to prepare to write your own spells and then afterward document them (at least I would.)  As it is helpful later to see what worked for you best and what didn’t.

Spells do not have to be complicated but, it is helpful to understand the energy in your body when it comes to casting.  Imagine a water hose with a lot of holes poked into the sides.  If the water is draining out all over the place it is difficult for the water to develop pressure.  This is the way I think of how energy is directed; it needs focus.  Some things you may research in addition to planning your spells are the following.  I’ll be writing future articles in these topics as well.

  1.  Experiencing personal energy (this is your energy)
  2. Developing awareness of your flow. (there is a projective and a receptive flow)
  3. Connecting with other energy sources. (elemental energy, divine energy etc.)
  4. Drawing up and projecting energy (channeling the energy into your body, raising it and projecting it while focusing on the goal of the working)

Writing and Designing Spells

Spells do not have to rhyme though I do enjoy the way that they flow when they happen to.  It also has helped me to memorize them over time.  Spells do not have to be overly complex and require mysterious ingredients.  What you use in a spell is relevant because symbols have real power in the mind and because natural items such as shells and herbs carry energies of their own. When you become adept at the energy work aspect of spells, you’ll discover that you won’t need items at all.  However, I enjoy working with “things,” the colors, symbols, and tools appeal to my inner child.  You should know your intention prior to casting a spell.  If you are unsure of your motivations and the purpose of the spell a lot of energy will be misdirected.  It is important to set clear goals but not to over limit yourself.  For example, if I desire to own a vehicle for my transportation needs but limit it to a Corvette only, it may take much more time to manifest (setting up your own blocks in this case.)  Visualize the end result and don’t worry about all the details.  This was my challenge when I first started to practice magic.  I found myself bantering over the tiniest details and attempting to imagine how each thing would unfold.  Over analysis can be the death of a good working.

Consider what kind of magic will use.  There are various kinds of magic and though we will not be discussing them here, some of them include knot (cord), candle, petition (paper), elemental, herbal magic, art as magic, and combination magic (using multiple techniques such as stuffing a candle with charged herbs. Ask yourself questions (Will this spell take more than one day?  Will I need a place to keep spell remnants?   Decide upon the timing of your spell.  While not everyone plans their spells per the phases of the moon, I’ve found it very helpful. Is it necessary -no.  But, I’ll add that attuning my own work to natural forces has been personally enlightening.

Spell Casting

As you gather the items for your working, keep in mind what each item is for.  When I first began, it helped to tell the item as I picked it up what their purpose would be in the work.  I’ve referred to this before as “gathering with intent.” After all your items are gathered and your space is prepared, take a few deep breaths.  You might have a special ritual prepared around beginning a spell (such as lighting a candle, clearing the energetic space with a broom or sage, tossing salt or casting circle.)  This will differ from practitioner to practitioner.  It is important to note that over time, you will develop your own special rituals around your work.  Though being spontaneous has its high points, I’ve found great power in the personal rituals that have unfolded with time and remained relatively constant.  Now, there are multiple methods to magic, you may read about some of these in the Green Witch series by Ann Moura.  She discusses various methods:  sympathetic, directive, transference, and comparative.  I primarily use directive as a method which requires that personal energy is raised during the spell casting process.  For the spell, you are “raising” the energy both from your body and the energy that you draw in from around you.  To raise the energy, first, hold the goal in mind, then use one of the many various techniques to raise energy (drumming, dancing, chanting, humming, progressive tensing of the muscles in the body…)  At the end of your spell casting, remember to ground out any excess energy that you did not use.  This is important if you do not ground, it is likely that you will experience symptoms that are much like withdrawing from caffeine (tiredness, headaches, feeling the need to take a nap…just “zapped.”)

For the last fourteen years, I’ve documented my work as a practitioner.  I wish there were words that explained how useful documenting spell work, results, meditations, and experiences has been in my personal growth (especially in retrospect.)  Whether you are a planner or your spells just pop in your head spontaneously, try to jot them down and record the results.  Be excited to try new things prior to judging them.  Most importantly, let your personal experience dictate your work.


Negative Entities (How to begin to heal and be rid of them)

Occasionally, something serious pops up -the kind of things that give you chills.   Sometimes, it begins with a crawling sensation up your spine, the feeling that you are being watched or objects going missing and turning up in very, very strange places. It may accompany physical and mental illness too such as anxiety and depression which need support and guidance.  It can leave you feeling vulnerable, alone and energetically depleted. 

If you happen to be very sensitive, dealing with the “yuckies” (negative spirits especially) can be exceptionally difficult.  However, necessary.  It isn’t a quick fix; it is a life-style change.  It is important to address the need to love yourself, to set boundaries both physically and spiritually, to clear out forces in your  life that have ultimately brought you to harm.  Your personal spiritual practice can be an important support in your life.  As a practitioner of the Craft, as a witch (Wiccan or otherwise).  Really, this is a real call for addressing serious change in life -and these changes are often life altering.  You can’t ignore it (although you can try), staying frozen in fear will only allow more fearful experiences in and screaming and yelling for it all to go away just feeds the force. 

In 2007 I was dealing with similar forces in my own life.  I was absolutely terrified.  My dreams provided me with the solution though I was unsure how to approach it at the time.  I stood at the bank of a river.  I saw something coming at me and just knew it was going to get me.  The surface of the river was broken and a turtle of massive size eyed me.  It is going to eat me, I thought! She didn’t eat me.  She eyed me, I felt calm.  Suddenly, she looked behind me at a large cliff.  She pulled deep into her shell only moments before the ground shook.  I panicked and attempted to dodge the falling stones that threatened to crush me flat. I witnessed the stones bouncing off her shell and falling harmlessly into the water below.  After the danger passed, she emerged from her shell and again made eye contact.  An understanding unfolded in that moment.  It is ok to protect yourself, to go within and to be firm about your boundaries. 

Some of the things that you might do are listed below.  Stick to it, smile, focus on your joy and let the magic of love unfold.

Ø Clear your home with a strong incense:  Rosemary, sage, frankincense work great. 

Ø Play uplifting music. 

Ø When you visualize, or feel intrusive thoughts that you feel might be coming from elsewhere, visualize a huge red or black X over the top and use a power word: “no” “delete” “enough.”  “not happening.”  Of course, if you have aligned yourself with any force or power that you feel can help you, feel free to use a familiar name (such as the name of a deity.)

Ø Focus on your healing.  Every time you catch your thoughts wondering to negative, fearful things, acknowledge the thought, focus on your breathing the best that you can and bring your attention to your personal healing.  Approaching it this way helps to keep your energy levels a little higher. 

Remember, when dealing with negative energies/entities, the idea is the break you down, make you susceptible and vulnerable.  If you are experiencing paranormal activity in conjunction with the feelings, it is important to be active and vigilant.  Don’t feel afraid to ask for help or advice from those of like mind.  If you have family or loved ones you are close to and that support you, stick close to them as it will help to protect you.  Our supportive connections are often why there is an attempt to make us feel alone and isolated.  There are no quick fixes for situations like this and healing takes time -sometimes a lot of it.  Be committed to yourself and to what you need in your life.  Be patient and kind with yourself on your journey and remember that really, no one is truly ever alone. You might not care for all the guidance given but you might get some information that you needed.  

St. Louis Pagan Picnic 2017

This year’s Pagan Picnic was an absolute blast!  I started the day by repeating something I’d done two years ago, coming in  on the wrong side of the park.  It took me about half and hour to realize the farmers market (which was awesome too) was not what I was looking for.  I merely assumed a lot could change during a year.  Note to self, the large, beautiful gazebo’s mark the wrong spot.

Luckily, with a little guidance and a bit of a walk I found my way to the right side of the park where all the adventures awaited. My daughter was very pleased with the walk and enjoyed spending time lazing beneath a gum ball tree (which we always seem to be pulled to.)

 On our walk we were joined by others who also managed to wonder to the wrong side. Nothing like finding your way by getting a little lost!  Note to self -and anyone else with a befuddled sense of direction, Magnolia and Grand St.  (helps with the parking.) Next year, just in case, I’m taking a map with me -remember “Grand” (click here for map.)

As we managed our way through the entrance my daughter found the closest stands selling soaps and bath bombs while I stopped for a fantastic divination reading.  I usually stop at a few readers during my stay.  My card reading was a real joy (thank you Michael). Not only were well needed messages revealed but I also discovered a kindred spirit.  I do love the dragon folk.  My favorite vendors to visit were Michelle Streetman’s Link Leather Scale and Feather, Alinore Rose’s Beyond the Hedge and Donna and Michael Cramer’s Ancient Stone Inspirations

Tossing my blanket to the ground, my daughter and I had a small snack and decided to explore a little more.  I was pleased to discover that Country Hill Creations had returned once again to the picnic.  I saved my purchases from this vendor last for the day because I knew I’d make several and they would be a little heavy. If you are looking for a way to create a journal that is flexible and long lasting, check out their wonderful wooden binders. This year, I picked up a book stand (perfect for that binder) and a pendulum board. There were other goodies to purchase on vendors row too that I

couldn’t resist such as the frozen lemon-aid, some vendors selling special stones, garments and a magical tools. After snapping a picture with Selena Fox and catching up,  My daughter and I picked up a few gifts, ate a scrumptious lunch and had apples to top it off.  We finished the day by listening some music  by Spiral Rhythm with friends.

If you didn’t happen to make it this year, set the date for June of next year and come and join everyone.  Bring a few friends, explore the sights enjoy yourself among a community of like minds and open hearts.

Building your own Protective Construct and Connecting

When we begin to approach spiritual practice and the idea of protective constructs it can often leave us quite baffled. For beginners, terminology might seem confusing. Attempting to wrap your mind around energetic concepts without having any experiences to relate to is one major obstacle. Over the past few days I’ve been contemplating how to explain it in a way that allows someone to personally relate and connect to these ideas -hopefully, without sounding too complicated. Here, I will discuss energetic constructs of protection    -essentially our psychological sense and over-all feeling of safety. I will discuss how we can tap into them and use them in our daily lives as a tool to begin to feel better.

First, let me begin by saying that my personal ideas and techniques are by far my own. They may or may not work well for you. As was once said to me “everything with a grain of salt.” Meaning, consider it, work with it and if it isn’t right for you, you’ll know. First, a construct is something that an idea is built from. Each person experiences life in varied ways. Essentially, what makes me feel safe may not be the same thing that elicits feeling safe for you. To begin you may have to introspect and ask yourself some of the following questions:
• What makes me feel safe?
• What made me feel safe when I was younger?
• How do I imagine that I would protect myself?
• Do I work with any symbols or idea that evoke the idea of protection and safety? Do I feel connected deeply to these ideas?

When I was a little girl, I thought the closet was a safe place. I found them comfortable. After-all, nothing could sneak up on me if my back was to a wall, right? To boot, I loved my silky blanket. According to stories, my parents confessed, I loved my blanket enough for “silky” to be my second word. So, what in the world does all of this have do with protective magic? Really, everything but specifically the way that we connect.

Often we read that to protect yourself you can start by visualizing a bubble of light. The idea is to shield you from usually unseen energy that bombards us. The energy may be emotional (from other people projecting it), mental and more. Don’t get me wrong, the basic sphere or egg shaped visualization works alright. However, in many situations, I discovered that the white-light construct would cut me off from useful energies that I was attempting to work with. It blocked too much out. The idea of using an image to bounce energy back (such as the mirror shield) was ok except I didn’t feel comforted with the knowledge that the energy could take on the function of the actual stuff I was imagining (mirrors reflect). I didn’t want that stuff “reflecting” back and forth or all over the place -I mean, who knows where that energy is going or who might slam into right?  I wanted to feel the connection -personalize it beyond its mere mental functioning.
Personal introspection led me to the idea that we can first build our own constructs by considering places and situations and events that have occurred that have evoked a sense of love, protection and safety in our own lives. When we imagine those situations, it can trigger memories and hopefully the safe feelings that went with them. Then, we can tie those into the visualization we are using.
To do this try the following. Limit distractions (T.V, phone, pets etc) and settle into a quiet spot. After contemplating your personal ideas and experiences of “safe” and hopefully writing it down, take three to five deep breaths. Breathe until the feeling of “safe” washes over you. Once you have a good hold on the feeling then visualize something that makes you feel safe. Maybe it is rushing water swirling around you in a sphere, maybe it is a ball of fire or that big ball of light. Consider for a moment what you would like to keep in, let in and keep out. One method is to literally tell it what its job is. In a sense, you are programming a projected idea around you. This idea and the energy you put into it becomes your personal construct. It follows you wherever you go. The more energy you put into it (like sitting and visualizing it every day) the more stable it becomes. Go out and try it for a while. I’d love to have your personal feedback regarding experiences.

The Powers of a Witch

Prior to discussing this subject, I want to express that “The powers of a witch” are not for witches alone.  Many people may manifest spiritual abilities without identifying as a witch -or anything at all for that matter. Out with the labels or embrace them -whatever works. Now, on to business! New seekers have a lot of questions.  One I hear often is “What are my powers or gifts, can you tell me?” More frequently,  I hear questions that often indicate that way too much T.V. is to blame.  Questions of that variety sound more like this: “Can you shoot fireballs from your hands?”   “Can you float things across the room or turn yourself into a cat?”  Hey, I’ll be the first one to say that if I could fly on a broom I’d give up the idea of car payments forever and kick the dust from my brooms invisible transmission!  It is a nice thought.

It isn’t unusual for beginners to be interested in what their talents may be.  Answering this question isn’t easy.  While it is possible a person may be able to discern a special talent that you have, it is more likely that you will have to develop patience and practice to determine what gifts you already have.

I deeply believe that all people are capable of what is sometimes perceived as “supernatural” ability.  What should be remembered is that as we move closer to nature and reconnect, it isn’t unusual for us to suddenly recognize such things. Animals are very keen. We have been disconnected for so long that most of these abilities have been buried. Seekers are archeologists of the soul and the digging uncovers the self that we are at the core. Of course, I speak only for myself in regard to that belief.

I first encountered the “Thirteen Powers of the Witch” when reading a book by Silver Raven Wolf.  The excerpt goes like this:

Thirteen powers do the Witches claim
their right of lineage by Goddess’s* name.
Tie a knot and say the words
or hand on head – the blessing conferred.
A Witch can give success in love
curse or bless through God/dess above.
Speak to beasts and spirits alike
command the weather, cast out a blight.
Read the heavens and stars of the night
divine the future and give good advice.
Conjure treasure and bring fortune to bear
heal the sick and kill despair.
I list the gifts slightly different as can be seen below.  Some of the gifts will be more like skills -you’ll have to really work at them.  Others will really be more of a talent, maybe you could always do it and didn’t realize it had a name?  Often, it is the case that more than one gift is present.
  1. The Eyes: My mother talked to me about “special eyes” To have the eyes simply means that you have the ability to visually see the spiritual world.  That vision may come from dreaming or while a person is awake.  Often, clairvoyance (clear sight) many manifest through dreams. People with the eyes may be precognitive (seeing before something happens) or post cognitive (seeing events that have happened in the past.)
  2. Speaking with and listening to spirits/animals: By spirits, I mean all kinds: worldly and otherworldly, animals and plants, elemental and otherwise.
  3. The Gift of Projection: Those who discover this ability may be able to leave their bodies to astral travel, bi-locate, remote-view, dream-walking.  Though these talents can be used in conjunction with dreaming, I separate them because they can be utilized otherwise as well. I’ve also seen this manifest using the voice.
  4. The Gift of The Hands (Transference) and (Drawing):  witches of all kinds can learn to project, direct and absorb energy but witches with the gift of transference/drawing are often healers. They often become adept at moving energy inside the body (not just the physical body but often the etheric one as well.) Witches with this gift are often Psychometric.  They have the ability to touch objects and receive (draw) information from what they encounter.   This ability may include a gift to sever and connect energy lines (with or without physical touch).
  5. The gift of Divination:  Most witches use some form of divination.  Most commonly used are cards of some kind (cartomancy).  Others might read natural signs, use dowsing pendulums, black mirrors for scrying, runes and more.  The tool is just that and nothing more but it aids a witch in channeling information. If divination is your “gift” it may come very easy and you may discover an uncanny ability to discern explicit details when you look beyond or “through” the tool itself.
  6. The gift of “Wish” This was described to me from the time I was very young.  The gift of wish is exactly what it sounds like, it is the ability to make a wish, point and watch it happen. The manifestation happens quickly and appears to be almost immediate. I feel this wish falls into the bless and curse category.  Meaning that if you can bless you can also curse. The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” is taken very seriously with a person who is gifted with the “wishing.”
  7. Medium: Mediums are vessels, they themselves become the physical channels for spirits to communicate through.  Instead of needing a tool, the medium is the tool.  I’ve heard mediums describe sudden anxiety, cold sweats, intense pressures on their bodies. However, I feel this may be an early manifestation of this ability and is best guided by a well-experienced mentor who shares a similar gift.
  8. Discernment: (Clear Judgement) Discernment is an ability that often travels through the channel of clairsentience (clear feeling) as well as “The knowing.”  Often it is difficult to put into distinct words.  My mother referred to it as “gut feelings.” When a person discerns they are able to “tell the difference.”  They may know when a person is lying or immediately know if something is not in their best interests or the interest of others.
  9. The Gift of Empathy: Empathy is the ability to tune into the feelings of others.  Often, in the beginning, empaths may find it difficult to tell the difference between their own feelings and the feelings of those around them.  They are much like water spilled on a counter.  The water needs a container, empaths need time to retreat and firm emotional boundaries.


Now, how do these gifts manifest?  What can we expect and how can we recognize the development of these various gifts.   Can a witch have more than one gift?  More questions abound.  Lets’ address a few of them.  First, a witch could possibly have all of them but some will be stronger than others.  The strongest are often considered the “gifts.” I won’t dish out a name but years ago I was very close to a young man with the amazing talent to travel out of his body.  He described the sensations and had absolutely no clue exactly what was happening to him.  When he became frightened he often shifted out of his body.  He would describe seeing himself from above or be able to details scenes when he appeared to be unconscious.  During a doctors’ visit, he discovered he needed a shot. Being extremely fearful of needles, he attempted to distract himself with magazines or by humming.  A nurse and a doctor had him seated in a chair with an armrest and they pulled out the syringe.  The moment the cool metal touched his skin his color drained from his cheeks.  I’d been attempting to keep him calm when I realized he had blacked out. After the appointment, I discovered he was rather upset.  He was convinced that I was going to allow the medical team to hold him down.  He convincingly recounted his version of the events and reiterated that I should have left with him instead of choosing to ignore him.  I was profusely confused.  He continued to explain:  “They were going to put that needle in me and I jumped up and yelled no.  I told you to come on that we were leaving and you just kept your back to me the whole time.  You were ignoring me.” Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming compassion and at the same time, suppressed the urge to giggle just a little. I pointed out to him that he should look at his arm.  If he had jumped up and left how was their evidence of a shot?  I then retold him the story and explained that the reason I did not turn around was because I was attending to his physical body.  I explained that I didn’t hear him yelling at me.  It took him quite a while to recover from the shock.

Recognition should lead to a pursuit of knowledge.  Learn about the gift, research it and honor it by trusting it.  Of course, gifts should be used to serve in a way that is healing and helpful.  Each person has to discover how he or she may use their gift in compassion, wisdom and great love.


They may manifest through various channels.  Some of these channels I have mentioned above. It is not unusual for one to be stronger than the rest.  A primary channel is the one that is utilized most often for information to be received through. What do I mean by channel?  In this case, I mean a pathway by which the gifts can unfold.  Here are some that you may encounter:

Clairaudience: The ability to hear clearly.

Clairvoyance: To see clearly.

Claircognizance: Clear Knowing

Clairsentience:  Clear feeling (sensation) that does not necessarily involve the hands.

Clairtangency: The ability to touch objects and retrieve information previously unknown.

Clairscent: Smelling the unseen -meaning there isn’t a logical reason to smell roses suddenly when there are no roses present or recently present.


In this post, I have not mentioned many things such as telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy -and so on.  My general attitude is that all things are possible.  Initially, I felt these needed a new category but in the end found myself undecided at where to place them. I list them as the nine gifts, of course, there may be more of these as they are broken down.  The Green Gift are people who have an amazing talent to grow plants and speak with them. Due to the nature of it, I lump it together with working and speaking with spirits. I find that most gifts are subtle in nature. Developing them is in part, a matter of not forcing it to happen.  Stay open, receptive and wonder at the world and all the things in it.  All gifts are revealed in time -and some quite a bit more mundane than you would expect.