About Guiding Flame

Hello, and welcome to the Guiding Flame, a blog for those seeking to practice the Craft and those visiting as seekers. Here you’ll find blogs regarding my personal experience, interests and work as an intuitive artist. I am looking forward to sharing my story and helping you discover yours!

I’m Shion, I reside in a small southern Missouri town with my eleven-year-old daughter who loves glittery things, my four furry cats, two spunky dogs and my loving, sarcastic partner. Though I’ve worked in small community groups such as  Guild of the Bear, Circle Dragon Sage, UUCEP Pagans and Circle Crossroad, I consider myself a solitary Wiccan Hedgewitch, mystic, and artist.  My magic is of hearth and home, love and life; it is simple, practical and integrated into every-day living.

My own self-discovery is ever evolving.  I have a passion for knowledge, a love of art and a deep love for the spiritual nature of human beings.  In 2014, art took on new meaning for me.  I thought back to a  gallery manager, who in 2010, pointed out to me that I’d been using my own art as a healing tool.  He told me if I ever got the chance that I should take up an opportunity to enroll in therapy courses at a University. I took his advice and discovered a calling to the healing arts.



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